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Silicone Holders Toilet Brush Wall Mounted

Silicone Holders Toilet Brush Wall Mounted

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Toilet brush set: Silicone toilet brushes made of high-quality ABS + silicone brush head, The anti-adhesive coating, no dirt can attach to the bristles and thus ensures a germ-free zone.

Cleaning time savings: Ergonomic handles make cleaning easier and reduce cleaning time. Comfortable, non-slip handle design, pack with stable and breathable mounting base, it is well ventilated. The simple and beautiful design is tailored to your bathroom.


Bendable Brush Head

The soft brush can be bent easily meaning you can use it on any surface without worries like glass or any soft surface.

Reach Hard to Reach Spots

With soft character and unique shape, our toilet brush can reach hard-to-reach places in your toilet with ease, giving you an efficient cleaning experience.

Hallow Drain Design

The water just falls right after you clean the brush, just place the brush inside the given cap and all the nasty water just goes off.

No Dead Ends for Cleaning!

By cleaning 30% more efficiently and better than the traditional silicone toilet brush, our brush helps you reach deeper places, even the place inside the groove.

Self Adhesive Wall Mount

With the self-adhesive wall mount provided in the box, you can easily attach the toilet brush to any part of your toilet.

Sleek Looking and Space Saving

Come on, toilet brushes can't always have to be in a boring look, with our brush you can give your toilet a modern-looking toilet brush.

Superior Cleaning, Always!

Superior cleaning with soft silicone bristles that will reach hard-to-reach places with a flexible design.

How To Use:


1x Silicone Toilet Brush


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